Wonder Woman Wednesday - Bashkieren Takhar

Wonder Woman Wednesday - Bashkieren Takhar

How do you express yourself through fashion?

Fashion is something that took me a good minute to understand. Growing up I had the pressure of my friends and family and I always dressed to impress others and not myself. As soon as I realized what I was doing is wrong I changed. I am a simple girl both in and out, so now whenever anyone see me they see me wearing what I want that expresses who I am. A simple and happy bash! 

What is your desi style?

My desi style comes from my parents. Growing up I thought I would be like those girls who can’t go out or wear what they want and it turned out to be the complete opposite. My parents want me to dress up, do my hair, and wear all my new suits, but I love to just keeping it natural and being me! I’m really inspired by Navpreet Banga (@browngirllifts) most of my outfit inspiration and makeup looks some from her. 

How did you stay connected to your culture as a brown girl living in America?

My culture is a big part of me. Lots of my cousins grew up with one brown friend and don’t know anything about their background, but me on the other hand I was born and raised in the most famous pind Yuba City. Any corner I turned a desi would be there and they would always have a helping hand. For me staying connected to my culture was really easy, I grew up with brown friends, I had so many temples to go to, I even had parents who were involved with helping out at the temples, and lastly every year I got to participate and help out in the biggest nagar kirtan. Things like these brought me really close to my culture and I’m so happy it turned out to be this way. 

Bashkieren is an amazing soul! She lights up every room she goes into! Her personality is as bright as her clothing! Check out our bright and fun pieces now! -DEA