Our Brand Story

Indian wedding wear for women that like to dress up for all occasions.

Being a desi woman in America is a unique challenge. While our heritage comes from a vibrant and colorful culture, it’s not always easy to integrate it into our wardrobes. Desi Ever After helps you to seamlessly bridge the gap between your desi and western identities; we encourage South Asian women to hold their culture close to their hearts and empower them to live authentically through modern clothing that is designed with a strong focus on self-expression and sustainability.

Desi Ever After believes fashion is the truest form of self-expression; we help desi women to go beyond the traditional three piece suit, with clothing that is designed to be mixed and matched to take you from a social gathering, to work, to desi weddings and beyond. Our clothing gives you the freedom to proudly embrace your multi-layered identity and yet, go beyond the confines of traditional desi clothing.

We believe now, more than ever, fashion should be produced and consumed consciously and sustainably. That is why, Desi Ever After designs all our clothing to be worn in multiple ways and for multiple occasions. Gone are the days of buying a different outfit for every single event; our versatile sets are designed such that they can be worn together or individually as separates. We also strongly believe that desi fashion should be accessible and that is why we aim to keep our prices as accessible as possible. Desi fashion is fun but also expensive; with our focus on sustainability and accessibility, we are here to help you go beyond the barriers of tradition and effortlessly wear your culture on your sleeve. 

Whether you are looking for a new outfit for your best friend's wedding festivities, a desi holiday party, or simply a well-made staple piece to add to your wardrobe, Desi Ever After will help you find something that you will love and treasure for years to come.

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