How To Support A Small Desi Business

How To Support A Small Desi Business

Supporting small businesses is always of paramount importance but when you add a global pandemic and a fluctuating economic environment to the mix, it becomes all the more crucial. As a small desi business ourselves, we know how helpful a purchase is at a time like this. Whether you are looking to buy an outfit or hiring someone for an upcoming event, our quick tips below will enable you to best show your support for your local desi businesses.

-Consciously seek out smaller brands

Whether you are planning your next (socially distanced) event or on the lookout for a thoughtful gift, small desi businesses are your best bet! They enable you to connect with your local community and show your support for them and your culture! Instagram is a great place to look for these businesses and you can get a highly detailed peek at their offering as well as client reviews to help make your decisions quicker.

-Pay full price for their products and services

A small business owner is almost always dependent on the success of their company to pay bills and take care of their families. In some cases, small business owners are also pursuing full-time careers along with managing their business in a bid to pay employees, rent and take care of other personal and business expenses. In such a situation, it is always nice to show appreciation for their efforts and solidarity for the community as a whole by paying full price for the products and services that they offer.

-Buy gift cards

If you are not in a position to make a purchase, gift cards are your next best option, allowing you to show support for the business while still keeping your personal expenses in check. Gift cards are great as gifts, of course, but you can also purchase them for when you would like to buy something from the brand in the future.

-Wear and flaunt your purchases on social media (and don’t forget to tag the brands)

A shoutout on social media goes a long way! If you have made a purchase, share a picture and tag the brand. You can also talk about your purchase and tell your followers why you liked it, encouraging them to engage with the brand as well.

-Spread the word through your community

Talking about the brands that you love through social media is the best (and fastest) way to show your support, but a few other ways that you can show your appreciation for their products and services is by hiring them for your next event, dropping an honest review or simply by talking about them with your immediate circle.

Do you have any tips to support small desi businesses? Share them with us below or via Instagram and remember to tag us @desieverafter