Wonder Woman Wednesday - Geena Singh

Geena Singh in Desi Ever After

How do you express yourself through fashion?

Ever since high school, I remember my style has always been indo-fusion. Always adding hints of my culture everywhere I go. Being authentic to my own style versus what was “in” and trendy has always been very important to me. No matter what my mother even thought of me, I had to always wear what made me feel genuine from the inside! I have always had an appreciation for old things... “vintage” as they’re called. I appreciate old world styles because of their grace, but on the other hand, I also have this western side to me which is what makes me so ecstatic about clothing! Your clothing/style is a direct expression of yourself! Without you having to say much, an energy is emitted from you from what you decide to wear.  

Your Desi Style?

My desi style is anything I feel like at that moment. If I’m feeling bright and bold, I’ll always look to mix and match. Bold doesn’t necessarily mean color to me, bold is how I pair my accessories with my outfit or doing my makeup and hair a certain way which is not traditionally worn with an indo outfit. But sometimes, I’m feeling somber and traditional, and that’s where I’ll bring in the pastels and the classic fabrics. I’m very big on wearing quality fabric, if you choose a good fabric, your clothing will last you years on end! At the end of the day, I’m my own inspiration and stylish so it’s completely up to me how I want to express myself that day.

 What did you love most about your childhood as a brown girl living in America?

Being a brown girl living in America has made me very proud of who I am and where my parents come from. Though I was born here, I am very cultured in my music and food tastes, yet extremely patriotic of my country! I know I am blessed to be living in a country where we all are a melting pot of cultures, so I proudly wear both cultures on my sleeve!