Wonder Woman Wednesday - Seerat Saini

Seerat Saini in Desi Ever After

How do you express yourself through fashion?

 Fashion is always evolving with time, seasons, trends, and moods. For me, fashion is an expression of an ever-evolving me. I can wake up and be whoever I want to be that day--starting with how I present myself to the world. I feel most powerful in a suit. There’s something so understated about the masculine cut of a power suit styled in a feminine way. In this juxtaposition of hard and soft, I feel unstoppable. I also love the unexpected: color combos you wouldn't think work, pieces that you normally don’t go together, or fits mixing both eastern and western fashion. Fashion is an evolving identity to me that I get to choose every morning.

Your Desi Style?

My desi style is completely influenced by my Punjabi mother. Mom has always had the best taste. I remember being super young and watching her dress up in the most gorgeous Sheetal lenghas. I was in awe of her and her effortless beauty. I’ve actually gotten a lengha made recently that reminded me of my Mama: a very 90s champagne nude with a ton of beautiful work and scalloped dupatta. She’s my style icon.

If you had to wear an Indian outfit for the rest of your life which would it be? Sari, Lengha, or Anarkali? 

If I had to wear one outfit my entire life, it would be a lengha. I love lenghas because they’re what I’m used to and most comfortable for me. I’m also a sucker for a beautiful dupatta--Punjabis are all about the simple outfits with a dupatta that has a ton of work.