2022: The Fashion Resolutions That We're Making This Year

2022: The Fashion Resolutions That We're Making This Year

Looking to build a more sustainable and mindful wardrobe this year? Check out the fashion resolutions that we’re making that will help you do all that (and have fun along the way!):

Shop Intentionally

Whether it is an outfit for a friend’s wedding or a pair of shoes that we’ve been eyeing for a while, we’re aiming to be more mindful of what (and how!) we shop. As a general rule, we recommend buying something only if you see yourself wearing it for at least ten different occasions. This year, let us resolve to be more intentional with our shopping so that no matter what the purchase, we can savor it for years to come.

Support Local Businesses

While it’s okay to turn to big box retailers every now and then, we would encourage you to seek out local businesses as much as possible. Shopping from small businesses ensures that you keep their art alive and allows the business owner (and their families and teams) to continue thriving in these times.

Wear Your Culture (With Pride!)

It’s 2022 and it’s about time we stopped being afraid of who we are and where we come from. Whether you want to rock a saree for dinner or wear a lehenga set to brunch, don’t let yourself fall into a box - be yourself and show up in all your uniqueness with pride.

Rewear Clothing

Gone are the days when being stylish meant mindlessly following every single new trend. In 2022, we are wearing what we love and rewearing it too! Not only does rewearing and restyling the same outfit free up space and allow you to invest in things that you actually love, it also goes a long way in reducing waste and pollution in the environment.

Think Different

This year, we’re aiming to have (even more) fun with fashion and we want you all to join in too! Whether it’s trying on different lengths or wearing a different color, we encourage you to explore all your fashion dreams in 2022.

What’s your fashion resolution for 2022? Share them with us here.