While we’ve always been fans of the age-old adage of less is more, the ongoing pandemic has forced us to reconsider even more just how much we actually need. With plenty of time on our hands, we were inspired to create a desi-style capsule closet with items that we truly love and treasure. First let’s begin by understanding what, exactly, is a capsule closet. A capsule closet is a consciously curated collection of outfits and accessories that you actually love, surpass trends and can be worn at any time of the year. Intrigued? Check out our DIY guide below on how you can create your very own desi-style capsule closet.

-Begin with a deep clean of your closet.

There is no better time than the present! Take a good look at everything you own; once you know what you own, it will be easier for you to decide what you actually want to keep.

-Separate items according to those you truly love vs those that you are actually hoarding.

This might seem difficult but it is actually the easiest! You know what you actually want to keep in your closet versus what you are holding on to “just because”. A well-organised closet will help you get more wears out of your favorite pieces.

-Check if any of the items need mending.

Once you have sorted through your closet, check the items that you love for any wear and tear. Chances are, you have probably not worn it in a while because of a ripped seam or broken zipper. If you are looking for tips to mend pieces from your closet, check out the links below:

-When adding to your capsule closet, pick pieces that you see yourself wearing for more than one season.

Who doesn’t love to shop? The next time you are looking to buy new clothing or accessories, ensure that you focus on buying items that you can wear for more than one season to ensure you get better value from your purchases.

-Build a relationship with your clothes

Your clothes have made a long journey to reach your closet, so ensure you treat them with love and care. Brush up on how to maintain and store different items, find ways to mend any broken bits and remember, loved clothes last.